Monday, August 7, 2017

Diana Ryan; Featured Show at Voices Gallery

Diana Ryan, standing with "Feathers and Fishy Tails Show" July, 2017
During the month of July, I was the featured artist at Voices Gallery on 4th St. in Corvallis. I have been a part of the gallery since the beginning of the year and have been exhibiting 2 artworks each month. I worked all year on a new body of work themed "Feathers and Fishy Tails" for this show and learned so much from the process. I am so happy I became a part of the gallery because it has connected me with other artists and opportunities as well as given me the motivation to push myself out of my comfort zone and create new work. I had a great turn out at the show, thanks to all my friends and family who made it out for your on going support! Click Here to read the write-up in the local newspaper about the show.
"Ceramic Feathers and Nest on Canvas"
Acrylic, Clay, Paper Clay, String
20" x 20"
Oceanic Vase
5" x 6"

Splash Jar ( left) and Ceramic Feathers and Nest Painting

Artichoke Vase
10" x 10"

From Left to Right: Goddess Candle Holder, Aqua Vase and Oceanic Vase

8" x 8"

Summer Classes at Diana Rose Studio!

I wanted to share some photos from some of the fun projects we've been up to in my studio classes this summer! The weather has allowed the new studio building to progress as well and I can't wait to move my classes into the bigger space! 

  "Experiments in Clay and Mixed Media Class"created Geodes by forming pinch pots and filling them with glaze and marbles to create crystals inside. 
 Close-up glaze fired "Geode" from Experiments in Clay and Mixed Media Class

 Experiments in Clay and Mixed Media- Painted toothpicks, clay, acrylic paint.
 Mixed Media Sculptures using high temp wire and acrylic paint on clay. "Experiments in Clay and Mixed Media class Summer 2017, Ages 6-12".

 Wheel throwing in my ladies night pottery class for adults. Such a fun group of ladies! Can't wait for my new studio to be built so I can expand this class!

"Plein air Art" Class Students at Avery Park Drawing the train! We visited the Starker Arts Park Duck Pond, Crystal Lake Boat Ramp and Heartland Humane Society during our other classes. 

 Littles explored clay on the pottery wheel with the help of parents in my "Pots for Tots" parent/child class for ages 3-5 years old.
Composing music on clay!! Love it!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Teen "Build A Better World" Project

Teens at the Corvallis Public Library have been working the past few weeks on creating a mural that will live permanently on the wall in the teen section of the Corvallis Public Library. We started the project with talking about current issues/ideas and how to turn our ideas into imagery. It literally gave me goosebumps hearing the teens discuss their amazing ideas. We split into groups based around creating imagery for different issues. They all worked on some sketching and we made a plan to bring all their ideas together in one 4' x 4' mural. Ultimately they came up with a black and white "old school" television set with a cracked screen and the words " Breaking Boundaries" written across it representing outdated ideals and technology. Flowing out of the crack are images representing new ideals and new technology including green energy, diversity, religious freedom and acceptance, education, the arts, and freedom of sexual identity. It was such a privilege to help facilitate this project and get to know some amazing young people that give me so much optimism and hope for a better future.

Murals around Corvallis!

I have been incredibly privileged to have gotten to participate in several very cool murals happening in Corvallis. The first mural was based on a bald eagle painting designed by Marnie Zoa. It was painted above the Voices Gallery on a wall visible from 4th Street that previously had some graffiti. This was a collaborative project by the artists of Voices Gallery. Click here to see the write- up in the local paper about the project. The other side of the roof will also get a mural starting this week! More to come on that!

The second was a street mural designed by Maureen Frank, driven by the Job's Addition Neighborhood Association and supported by the Corvallis Bicycle Collective. As there have never been any street murals in Corvallis before our committee had been working since March with the City and using Portland street murals to give us guidelines for how to create a process for this project. The mural was completed in one day on July 30th, 2017. Maureen Frank worked tirelessly to create large cardboard templates and measurements for her design to make things easy on the day of the painting. We had several dozen volunteers, young and old, from the community helping out with the actual painting. We used professional grade street paint and the neighborhood at 11th and Taylor is prepared to take care of any upkeep the mural should need in the future. The resulting mural is a joy to bike past and I hope to see ( and maybe even design) another street mural in my neighborhood in the future! Click here to see the write up in the local paper about this project. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First Friday Art Event at the Corvallis Library

 The first Friday Art Night for Teens at the Corvallis Public Library went very well. There were about 8-10 students that showed up to participate. The project was to create a "self portrait" and we went over some examples of non-traditional self portraits in which sometimes the artist is depicted as an animal, or is framed partially out of the picture, etc. The goal was finding that self expression and finding a way to express your personality through your picture. We also played some blind portrait drawing games where you can't look down at your paper as well as some collage group art work where we passed the paper around and each student added something new. Here are a few snapshots I took during the projects.

Winter Drawing Classes 2017

This Winter's Drawing Classes made some really fabulous work! 

"Cubism" project inspired by Picasso- students drew a subject of choice and cut it up and re-assembled it any way they wanted to create a fragmented and "cubist" style image. This project took the pressure off from the drawing itself as students knew they were going to cut it up at the end. There were some really interesting results and the process of experimentation was great!

The Self Portrait Project as always was a great project and students met the challenge beautifully. Students were able to study the details of faces and learn through the process that shifting even the tiniest detail can affect the look of the whole face. We also learned about using charcoal and students were able to experiment with blending and shading with this medium.