Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dia de Los Muertos Mugs around Corvallis

With Dia de Los Muertos around the corner I have gotten several opportunities to sell my skully mugs at various locations around town temporarily. My skully mugs are currently displayed in the Art Shop at the Corvallis Arts Center. The Arts Center is showcasing several other artists who's work is influenced by Day of the Dead from Oct 27th-31st. Check it out! 
I have also got some mugs at Irene's boutique downtown which were kindly photographed by Hello!Photo aka Mica Habarad my lovely friend and employee at Irene's. They have wonderful small designer clothing and local jewelry! As always my mugs can also be found at Interzone coffeehouse on Monroe St, funky, family owned and best coffee in town! Thank you Corvallis for giving my little guys and gals the exposure they deserve. ** Special thanks to skilled photographer Mica Habrad for shooting these fabulous photographs! 
Display from Irene's display window

This little skully got a modeling gig!

Display at the Art Shop, Corvallis Arts Center

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