Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First Friday Art Event at the Corvallis Library

 The first Friday Art Night for Teens at the Corvallis Public Library went very well. There were about 8-10 students that showed up to participate. The project was to create a "self portrait" and we went over some examples of non-traditional self portraits in which sometimes the artist is depicted as an animal, or is framed partially out of the picture, etc. The goal was finding that self expression and finding a way to express your personality through your picture. We also played some blind portrait drawing games where you can't look down at your paper as well as some collage group art work where we passed the paper around and each student added something new. Here are a few snapshots I took during the projects.

Winter Drawing Classes 2017

This Winter's Drawing Classes made some really fabulous work! 

"Cubism" project inspired by Picasso- students drew a subject of choice and cut it up and re-assembled it any way they wanted to create a fragmented and "cubist" style image. This project took the pressure off from the drawing itself as students knew they were going to cut it up at the end. There were some really interesting results and the process of experimentation was great!

The Self Portrait Project as always was a great project and students met the challenge beautifully. Students were able to study the details of faces and learn through the process that shifting even the tiniest detail can affect the look of the whole face. We also learned about using charcoal and students were able to experiment with blending and shading with this medium. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Clay Studio Classes

My very talented friend Mica Habarad of Habarad Creative Photo took some photos of my current clay classes in my home studio. Students have been making some truly outstanding work this summer! Thank you Mica for capturing the creativity on camera! 

Summer Creative Drawing Class Projects

My Creative Drawing Class made some fantastic art this summer! Students in the creative drawing class range in age from 12-16 years old and have all been drawing with me for several classes and some students for several years! This is such a spirited and talented group of young artists and I enjoy coming up with new and challenging projects each week! In June, my dear friend and talented local artist came to my home and gave a talk to my creative drawing class about her painting process. You can find video from the talk on her blog.  Here are some photographs from a few projects that we did over the summer:
Figuring out shapes: Students practiced breaking down objects into shapes and created value charts to use for shading reference. 
Picasso's "Boy with a Pipe" gender flipped  by Josie 
Face Hacks: Students drew the other half of a face of choice, most are paintings by famous artists and several photographs. They turned out so fun!
Van Gogh's "Portrait of a Woman" modernized by hoodie, By Kassia

Van Gogh's "Old Man with Top Hat" and charcoal by Jaxon

Frida Kahlo photograph and pencil By Ruby

Caravaggio's "Boy with a Basket of fruit"also gender flipped  by Lexi

"Bucky Barnes" By Lily

 The summer highlight was a field trip to Heartland Humane Society where students drew cats, dogs, rabbits and birds! They did not want to leave ;)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Fun in Clay! Garden Art!

Summer Classes at Diana Rose Studio are in full swing and I wanted to share some great projects from the Clay (garden art themed) classes:

Beginning Clay students made mini garden totems that are so fun! 

Clay Lab Students designed, made and installed their very own stepping stones!