Thursday, September 24, 2020

2020 Exhibition- Diana Ryan's work at Interzone Coffee House

During the month of September 2020 my "Blue Period" exhibition can be viewed at Interzone coffee house on Monroe St. in Corvallis, Oregon. I was thinking a lot about interconnectedness and strength as I was tying hundreds and hundreds of knots this week. The more knots tied, the stronger and more durable the piece becomes. The work feels right to be sharing at this challenging and unsettling time in history as we strive for the unity and strength to thrive as communities. 10% of all sales from the show will be donated to the ACLU of Oregon. 

Interwoven 2020
Diana Ryan
Repurposed Wooden frame, hand painted. Turquoise macrame cord. Porcelain sculpted skull. Found natural objects- wood/ snakeskin.


Friday, May 15, 2020

Virtual Spring Classes at Diana Rose Studio

This Spring, as you all know, has been challenging the way in which we connect as a community. The precautions put in place to keep our community safe in response to COVID-19 has prevented in person teaching at my home studio. In lieu of in person classes I decided to offer an experimental class based on supply kits and online tutorials to a handful of my existing students who wished to continue to create at home during this time.  I called the class CSClay ( Community Supported Clay). Having a creative outlet can be huge in processing emotions during difficult times ( for children and adults alike). This class served as a good way to stay connected to students and offer inspiration and tutorials guiding them in engaging projects that were completed at home ( with a few porch pick up trips back and forth for firing). We focused on Spring theme projects including fairy doors, ceramic wind chimes, berry bowls, stepping stones and more. Here are a few photos of students working on their projects at home. 

I was also able to lead a pottery project for my daughter's Brownie Troop this Spring with a similar structure. Girl scouts picked up a small bag of clay from the studio and took it home where they watched my virtual instructional video on coil building. Our inspirational artist was Magdalene Odundo Magdalene Odundo is a ceramicist known for her hand-built, coil construction and traditional firing techniques. Girl scouts constructed coil vases and then burnished them (traditional method of rubbing with a smooth stone to compress the surface of the clay and make the pot water resistant). Families dropped the finished vases back off at the studio to be fired. I bisqued the work in the kiln and the scouts then wrapped their vases in combustibles (Pine cones, saw dust, twine, newspaper, moss, driftwood, etc.). I loaded the vases into my backyard fire pit and had made a pit firing where I lit a fire until the combustibles has burned, smothered the fire (with weeds pulled from my garden) and covered it to let it smolder until cool. Pit firing is the oldest form of firing pottery dating back to around 30,000BC. The smoke from the atmosphere in the fire is what gives the pots their color. Different elements in the combustibles may leave different colors on the pots. Carbon (newspaper, wood, sawdust, manure)= black, Copper (copper wire, copper dish scrubbies, pennies)= pink, Salt (driftwood, seaweed, potato chips)= yellow. 

Pit fired Vases, Girl Scouts Project,  Spring 2020
I am extremely grateful for the ability to have adapted and navigated classes virtually this Spring. That being said, after much deliberation, I have decided to take the summer off from online teaching so that my focus can be on my family and my own artwork. My plan is to re-assess in the Fall and resume small ( under 10 student) in person classes when safe to do so. Huge thanks to my community and my students for the appreciation and support and have a wonderful summer!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Claycation 2020 Project!

***Note: this project was a one-time resource for families seeking a free creative outlet at the onset of the stay at home order- I am no longer offering clay kits at this time***

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoy creating something with clay during this time at home. (**Note: I took good care to wash my hands well when preparing the bags and all clay tools have been in storage since the Fall Festival 2019, so though they may have a little dry clay on them I assure you they are germ free).

Here are some important rules to follow to help me keep track of everyone's work:

1.)  Please write your name & contact info on the bag of clay you chose with a sharpie ( e-mail or phone number- so I can contact you when work is fired & ready for pick up)

2.) When you are all finished with your project please make sure the number written on your bag gets etched into your sculpture ( this is the only way I can tell them apart in the kiln- don't put your name on the sculpture itself- just the legible number please, it's easier for me this way).

3.) Return your sculpture to the plastic bag it came in ( I don't want the sculptures getting bone dry as it makes them very fragile) and drop back off at my studio on the table. I will fire the pots and notify everyone about pick up.

Some Important Rules about clay!!!

Sculpture/ pots should be less than 1" thick to avoid exploding in the kiln

 If anything is hollow with no way for air to escape- please poke a hole in it to allow air out ( the clay shrinks, but the air inside doesn't-creating pressure & cracking)

SCRATCH and ATTACH- any pieces of clay attached together should be scratched with the fork and water and stuck together firmly and smoothed so they don't fall apart in the kiln.

INSPIRATION ( Please visit my Instagram Page for videos/ demos as I was having technical difficulties posting them here):

Pinch Pots- Form clay into a ball, make a thumb print in the middle of the ball and rotate as you gently "pinch" the clay with your fingers creating a bowl shape. What type of snacks can your bowl hold?

Textures- experiment with pressing different toys and natural objects into your clay and see what patterns you can make

Tiles- roll out the clay and cut into a shape to create a flat tile

Sculptures- sculpt an animal, person or creature ( just make sure clay is no more than 1" thick and that you scratch and attach all parts well)

Enjoy and have fun!!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Young Artist's Show January 16th 4-8pm

The Nest Gallery is kicking off the year with a show that's near and dear to our hearts as many of our members are mothers as well as teaching artists in the community! The Young Artist Show will be celebrating the work of young artists in the community. Join us at the Artist Reception on Thursday January 16th for art, live music and snacks! 

Young Artist Show Reception 
Thursday January 16th 4pm-8pm on the Downtown Corvallis Arts Walk
Location: The Nest; Artist Collective (located in Conifer Wellness Building- directly above ReStyle Home Goods Store on 3rd)
139 Southwest 3rd Street (Upstairs)
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

The Nest; An Emerging Artist Collective

I am excited to announce the emergence of The Nest gallery in January 2020! The Nest; An Artist Collective ( formerly known as Voices Gallery) is re-emerging into a new space in the Conifer Wellness Building at 139 SW 3rd St in downtown Corvallis ( up the stairs to the left of Re-Style Home Store). The Nest will be participating in the Third Thursday Corvallis Art Walk ( CAW) each month in 2020. For the CAW schedule and info about additional galleries you can visit their website at:
 The Nest Artist Collective is made up of 8 artists, many of us teaching artists in the community and all of us mothers. Get to know our Collective and their work below and we hope to see you on the Corvallis Art Walk! 

Meet the Artists: The Nest Gallery

Dawn Lamar Figueroa
Dawn is a Corvallis artist currently working in the medium of colored pencil. She
received a B.A. in Visual Communications and Philosophy/Religion from Kean University in New Jersey.
Her focus of study was illustration and she was trained in photo-realism. She has a strong attention to
detail and considers the act of drawing a meditative practice. Most of her inspiration comes from nature
and world cultures. She is curator of The Historical and Cultural Textile and Apparel Collection at OSU,
and she is Manager of the ArtShop at The Arts Center in Corvallis.
If you would like to see her artwork visit her Facebook page at

Shannon Finley
Shannon is an artist currently working in acrylic on canvas. She paints botanical impressions that at times blur the lines between reality and abstraction. Painting is a way for her to simplify her inspirations and strip it down to their essence. It is in this moment of ambiguity that she finds excitement and the painting becomes more about emotions through line work and color.

Courtney Marchesi
Courtney is a self-taught artist with an affinity for the sea.  Using acrylic paint, she brings her beloved subjects to life on reclaimed wood canvas.
While her focus is primarily on marine life, Courtney’s background as a veterinary technician has lent itself to a love for painting pet portraits as well. You will also find her occasionally dabbing in coffee art and local mural projects.

Caroline Moses
Caroline is an artist living and working in Corvallis, Oregon. Her main body of work aims to strengthen community connections and dialogue. "Art is a communication tool to connect people to ideas, and I see the methods of the creative process as important to that communication. I aim to create art that is beautiful, ornate, and approachable, and invites people to elevate community understanding and awareness. Individual care for each step is valuable to my process. Cut, place, paint, finish - all individually, all by hand - each step in a particular order. Much of my work can be described as painterly sculpture. "

Diana Ryan
 Diana is a ceramic artist that also dabbles in mixed media paintings, macrame wall hangings and community art & mural projects. Diana teaches art classes at her home studio Diana Rose Studio inspiring artists of all ages.

Pam Pniak Thompson
Pam is a mixed media artist using paper and metal to create collage and jewelry. She teaches mixed media art classes at her studio; Alta Vista Art Studio. For upcoming class information please email

Erin Wallace
Erin is an assemblage artist and jeweler. With a background in sculpture
Erin is drawn to all matter of materials, especially found and discarded objects.
Erin weaves stories in her artwork using canvas and boxes as a stage to arrange
her materials, adding paint and image. She is currently working with leather,
creating her own line of earring designs.

Alisha B Whitman
Alisha is a watercolor and acrylic artist painting the landscapes she loves. With enthusiastic colors and bold, flowy lines she hopes to share the joy and peace she feels in nature and encourage others to appreciate the beauty around them.

Her work can be seen at or follow her @AlishaBWhitmanArt to see what she’s working on now.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

South Town Art Walk 2019!

Mark your calendars for the South Town Art Walk happening this Sunday from 10am-5pm! 
This event is near and dear to my heart as a facilitator and has been so beneficial with helping me connect to my community around art. Stop by Diana Rose Studio for pottery, mixed media paintings, macrame wall hangings, skully mugs and more!! For more information and a map of studios you can visit our website at:

Hope to see you Sunday!
Diana Rose Studio 
Diana Ryan: ceramics, macrame wall hangings, mixed media paintings, solid lotion bars, gift certificates for art classes
Laurel Buley: organic, locally grown herbal teas and body care
Rebecca Degagne: sculptural ceramics, hanging succulent planters
Julie O’Briant: aesthetic creations, multi media collage dragonflies
Bailey O’Briant: photography, photo cards

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

New Street Mural in South Corvallis!

  On Sunday July 28th, after months of planning and design, a community street mural was painted at the intersection of Lilly Ave. and Bethel St. in South Corvallis. The work was completed by over 40 volunteers from the community. A small team of neighbors including myself, Rebecka Weinsteiger, Dana Monroe, Katy Blye and Betsy Dasenko worked together with the City as well as the neighborhood at large to make this project happen. The project was inspired by the JANA Street Mural of 2017 ( on 11th and Taylor ST). This placemaking mural project will be featured at Open Streets, a free street festival on August 18th, 2019 that encourages active transportation and engages the community to create spaces where people want to walk, bike and play. In it's third year, Open Streets will happen between two parks in high-density low-income and working class neighborhoods, Lilly Park and Tunison Park.

 Pictured above: Finished Street Mural designed by Diana Ryan, local teaching artist and South Town resident. "After being involved with the street mural of 2017, I was inspired and excited to have the opportunity to design and organize a mural on my street. I use the route to bike my kids to and from school every day. In planning the design for the street mural, I used natural imagery in a colorful and playful way to celebrate place and diversity"

Our project goals when proposing the Lilly and Bethel Street Mural were neighborhood engagement, beautification and place making. We achieved all of our goals with a fantastic turn out of volunteers (40+ people) of all ages that helped with the painting as well as passer-by’s that stopped to engage and watch the painting process. The new street mural enhances the neighborhood and beautifies the commute for many walkers, bikers, buses and drivers. After the painting was completed we celebrated by having a neighborhood potluck in Lilly Park as we waited for the paint to dry where we ate pizza, chatted with neighbors, made new connections and further strengthened our community. 

The painting team was super grateful to be fueled by donations from Tried & True Coffee Co.First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op and New Morning Bakery and the project would not have been possible with out the support of the City of Corvallis Neighborhood Empowerment Grants program which funded our materials!

The Open Streets event on August 18th will be another great opportunity for people to view the new street art while celebrating community. The most rewarding aspects of the project were hearing people’s enthusiasm and support for the project and getting the community involved in the painting itself. One neighbor remarked at how lucky he is to have the street mural going on so close to his house and how his daily life will be uplifted by it, like it was painted just for him. That’s the beauty of this neighborhood street mural; it is for everyone. 

I enjoyed getting people of all ages involved and reinforcing the fact that this art is about community and everyone can be a part of the painting. The project was very successful and rewarding and I look forward to being reminded of my own pride in place each time I see it! 

Young artist and resident Ketti, Age 10 helps with the painting at Intersection of Lilly and Bethel St

Young Artist and neighborhood resident Sonja helping with the intersection painting at Lilly and Bethel. "I painted the heart pink! It was the same color as my room!"- Sonja, Age 5