Monday, May 6, 2013

Corrine Woodman Gallery Show

View of work displayed in Corrine Woodman Gallery
This month I am co-exhibiting with Gale Everett at the Corrine Woodman Gallery (In the Corvallis Arts Center). I am showing a series of Whimsical Sculptures that I've been slowly putting together from idea to reality the past few years. They have all started out as whimsical sketches and have been brought to life in clay! Here are some photos of my work from the show. You can also see some of my work in progress in older posts as well as some early sketches. All artworks shown are available for purchase. Come and visit the gallery and check it out! There is also an amazing show in the main gallery called "Making a Mark, Drawing in Oregon". Really great stuff!

Additional work displayed in hallway
Original sketches in art journal
Whimsical Spiral
Terracotta, underglaze, acrylic, lacquer

Spike Belly Vase
Terracotta, low fire glaze, lacquer

Sitting Orb
Ceramic body, underglazes mixed with borax, low-fire glaze, acrylic
Earthenware, underglaze, high fire glaze (cone 10), moss
$175 (set of 3)
Arciforms on Stilts
Porcelain, underglaze, high fired to cone 10
$250 (set)
Pecking Order
Ceramic Body, acrylic, lacquer, gold leaf

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