Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Storm Birds" Installation, Interzone, 2010

This installation was inspired by the changing of the seasons as well as the turkey vultures, crows and other birds living in the tall trees by our house. It will be displayed at Interzone Coffee Shop in Corvallis, OR (1563 Monroe St) during the month of November. I listened to Goldfrapp the entire time I painted it.

Acrylic on Canvas, ink, found objects: twig and lichen

Acrylic on heavily gessoed paper, ink, charcoal, metallic powder. Birds painted on foam board and hot glued to toilet paper rolls so that they stick out from paper. It ended up looking very 3D and created a peaceful yet eerie environment.

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Lockwood said...

Very nice! I'm sitting in the orange room today, but there were quite a few admiring comments in the red room yesterday.