Monday, December 9, 2013

2nd Annual South Town Art Walk

The 2013 Art Walk was a ton of fun!! This year we artists got organized and decided to arrange a pre-tour so we could all see each other's studios. It was quite a success and everyone's spaces looked fantastic! Quite a few people made it out on the walk in the snow. We visited with lots of south town residents, friends and family and there were some visitors that braved the snow covered roads from North Corvallis and even Albany! Thanks everyone for coming out and hope you enjoyed the walk!
Art Walkers having a good time!

Sophia Ferrand, a young artist selling her hand made jewelry

(Left to right) Fellow artist Diana Jenner (who was sharing my space with her inspirational and Doctor Who ceramic art), Tal Carmi (one of the masterminds behind the south town art walk, and Owen Ryan 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Art Walk Preparations 2013

Studio looking very festive
Gearing up for the 2nd annual South Corvallis Art Walk tomorrow and this year it is going to be a snow walk!! My studio is ready to go- I took a few before photos because last year I barely took any. I also tested out some of the candle holders and the porcelain ones are translucent! Hope to see some friendly faces tomorrow!


and more Buttons!

Herb pressed earrings and lotus platter

Lotus candle holder

Translucent porcelain candle holders

Ocean Painting Commission

Finally have finished the large ocean painting I've been working on for about a month! Here are some progress photos. It will be hung over a window like a curtain, without ever having to be opened which is why I decided to paint it on an un-stretched canvas. Shipped it to Florida the other day. It was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone due to size (76in x 104in) but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out!