Saturday, April 6, 2013

Work in progress Spring 2013

 Here's what I have been working on this Spring in preparation for my upcoming show at the Corrine Woodman Gallery...

Whimsical Sculpture #1
I know, I know, the mouth looks like the sand monster from star wars! I am digging the sexy curve of the vase though and the little sea urchin belly button... Still deciding how to glaze, and what colors. 

First Annual Southtown Holiday Art Walk! December 2012

(Ok, so I'm a little behind on posting this as it took place in December and it is now April... I started composing the post ages ago and it has been in a time warp in my drafts until I stumbled on it now!! So here it is- can't wait for next year's art walk!! )

The first annual South Town Art Walk was such a success!! It was fantastic to meet different artists in the neighborhood and see some of their studios, what a wonderful area we live in!! I shared my studio space with fellow potter Keith Moses and Local Card maker Cheryl Meadows (Pick Pocket Cards). We also had Nick Lorenz from Nectar Creek Honeywine giving out samples of their amazing Mead! I am so bad and didn't get any photos of my studio packed with people!! I only have a few of the studio just before the walk when everything is set up and some pics of the work that was for sale. Next year I will be sure to get some good photographs of the packed space- people were literally bumping shoulders!