Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Entering into the Bliss

This Autumn I will be having my second child and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to take an extended maternity leave from teaching to focus on my own pottery and spend more time with my family before new baby comes. As busy as I am with a 2 year old, I have been making my work into habit (thank you nap time!) and been very productive getting ready for the Fall Festival as well as the South Corvallis Art Walk. There is a real freedom in allowing myself to simply be an artist through motherhood and I see this as such an important time during this transition in my life. My clay work has helped me maintain my individuality and identity during a time where caring for my family has been such a huge part of my life. It's easy to get lost in laundry and dishes and lose sight of the things that make you uniquely you as you transition into motherhood. I am so grateful for my home studio that is accessible and welcoming any time I feel the creative urge as well as supportive family who respects me as an artist.  My hope is to build up an inventory before baby comes that will allow me to take advantage of opportunities to show/ sell my work in 2015. Looking so forward to hunkering down for the fall and preparing for another journey that will redefine my family and myself.

Herb Pressed Clay Earrings
Herb pressed earrings in the making

My favorite little helper pressing her own herbs

A full table of work fresh from the kiln!

Skully shots and tumblers in progress

Custom wedding gift commission

New skully goblets!