Monday, May 5, 2014

High Fire Skully Mugs; Frida and Diego Prototypes

I have been working on several high fire skull mug prototypes and wanted to post a few pictures
 Frida and Diego skulls side by side (painted with low fire underglaze and glazes, fired to cone 10 gas reduction)
 Frida and Diego facing each other, Frida with black hummingbird and vines, Diego with Lilies

 Frida and Frida
Viney skully

Back at it- Spring Garden Art!

Garden sculpture/ planter "A mother goddess" 
I realized that I haven't posted for a while, and to be honest I was on a bit of a hiatus as life got in the way of my art as it sometimes does. So, I decided to post a few pictures of my recent clay work mostly in garden art. I'm teaching my Thursday night Garden Art class at the Craft Center this term and have been spending a ton of time in my own garden and outside enjoying the beautiful spring.
A few small planters, Cone 10, sitting a top my wizard of oz tiled table. 

This is a hanging bird feeder made from a wheel thrown bottle . It is hung by threading the twine through a bead before stringing it back up through the top of the bottle. I didn't have a bead big enough so I used handmade button. 
Close up of hanging feeder
Adaptation of feeder into candle holder

More pictures to come as the class progresses!! 
Psychedelic bird feeder 

Large planter, painted on and layered high fire glazes

Large basin to catch water from ceramic rain chain, used a really big leaf that I found at Willamette Park

Small bird house with red door