Saturday, March 30, 2013

E Course with Diana Fayt

I am currently taking an e-course taught by Diana Fayt on surface design. So far we have done mishima and block printing techniques that have been really fun to experiment with! I haven't actually taken a ceramics course for quite a while so I am enjoying learning some new techniques coupled with great dialogue (via Facebook) between students from all over the world! I am excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone and experimenting with some new styles that I might otherwise overlook. Here are a few of my experiments thus far:

Blessed Bee- This platter was made using cone 5 B-mix which I have not used before but wanted to experiment with a mid-range clay body. The honey bee design was done freehand using mishima. I LOVE this technique for drawing on clay and have about a million ideas! So excited to see where this new inspiration will take me!!
More mishima!!